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WAXOYL Crystal Coating

Our WAXOYL Crystal Coating concept is a high performance paint sealant
providing a very high-gloss finish with a 5-year warranty for new or used premium vehicles.


Use Waxoyl Crystal Coating to keep your premium car looking new for 5 years.

New generation ceramic coating for premium cars

Crystal Coating is designed to provide an additional high-gloss, sacrifical layer to your car’s paint just like a protective shield. Your car paint is more resistant to various external aggressions.

Waxoyl Switzerland has created a new generation of protection with its ceramic extra long-lasting coating.

Crystal Coating guarantees:

  • High-level paint protection
  • A high-gloss finish
  • Water-repelling properties

Crystal Coating offers your car a powerful protective shield. As a result, your car paint is more resistant to various external aggressions such as UV rays, acid rain or road salt.

Crystal Coating is only applied by our specialists who have been trained in this very particular and an precise application process. The flawless application is paramount to guarantee a long-lasting treatment that will resist against all kinds of external aggressions, protect the car paint in the best way possible and to satisfy our most demanding customers.

With Crystal Coating, the level of your car’s paint protection is at its highest.

Good to know

Perfect for new or used premium cars.

5-year warranty on your car’s deep gloss and color.

Improves the resale value.


Some of the important benefits of Waxoyl Crystal Coating.

Easy cleaning

Use your regular shampoo and cleaning products.

UV protection

The powerful UV filter protects your car paint and helps preserve its color.

Saves time and money

Save time and money when cleaning the exterior of your car.

Car wash

High-pressure washing resistant.


Bugs and insects are rinsed off easily.

Looking new for a long time

Crystal Coating will have your car’s paint looking new for years to come.

Boosts the value of your car

Keeping your car looking its best you make sure you are improving the resale value.

Chemical resistant

Resisting against car wash chemicals.


Covers small scratches and blemishes.


Offers an invisible protective layer.

Water-repelling properties

The hydrophobic coat has above average water-repelling properties.