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WAXOYL Glaze Gard

Our WAXOYL Glaze Gard concept is a hight performance paint sealant
provinding a very high-gloss finish with a 2-year warranty for used vehicles vehicles or vehicles older than 3 months.


Use Waxoyl Glaze Gard paint sealant to make your vehicle (older than 3 months) shine for 2 years.

Paint sealant for used cars (older than 3 months)

For cars older than 3 months, Waxoyl Glaze Gard guarantees vivid shine for 2 years.

Your car dealer first removes existing oxidation and minor scratches from the car paint with a professional Waxoyl treatment. This will bring back the original color of the vehicle.

After this treatment, the micropores of the paint are cleaned with Waxoyl Preclean. The prepared paint layer is then treated with Waxoyl Glaze Gard. Waxoyl Glaze Gard contains high quality polymers that will bond with the car paint and form a protective film. As a result, dirt and other contaminants cannot affect the car paint anymore.

The Waxoyl Glaze Gard treatment consists of:

  • The polymers bond with the car paint and provides a protective shield, so that dirt and other contaminants cannot damage the paint anymore; factors that may damage the paint are elements such as tree sap, road salt, UV rays, acid rain. The Waxoyl sealant is efficient even at high temperatures.
  • The protective layer makes the entire surface smoother. This makes the car easy to wash. Stains from road salt, tree sap, acid rain and lime stains are simple to clean. Bird droppings can hardly penetrate the protective layer of Waxoyl Glaze Gard. However, they must be removed quickly with Waxoyl 3 en 1. This product removes them without scratching and repairs any damaged top layer. Waxoyl 3 en 1 is available at your dealership.

Good to know

Designed for used vehicles, older than 3 months.

2-year warranty on your car’s deep gloss and color.

Insurance recovery on repairs or replacements in case of accident.


Some of the important benefits of Waxoyl Glaze Gard.

High-gloss finish

Maintains a deep gloss of your car paint for 2 years.

UV protection

The powerful UV filter protects your car paint and helps preserve its color.

Protection against lunar rays

Protects the car paint against the agressions of lunar rays.

Water-repelling properties

The water runs off and thus no water stains are left behind on the vehicle's surface.

Protection in cold weather

Road salt and frost can be removed easily.

Easier cleaning

Dirt, mud, insects and other pllutants are rinsed off easily.

Saves time and money

Save time and money when cleaning the exterior of your car.

Boosts the value of your car

Keeping your car looking its best, you make sure you are improving the resale value.

Ultimate resistance

Resisting against extreme temperatures and elements such as fire.

Insurance recovery

Costs can be claimed on your insurance.