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WAXOYL Final Glass

Our WAXOYL Final Glass concept has water-repellent properties that improve driving safety in
in wet weather: rain, snow or surface spray.


Use Waxoyl Final Glass to improve your driving safety in wet weather.

Protective treatment for all glass surfaces of your vehicle (windshield, windows, headlights, rear-view mirrors, helmet shields...)

Waxoyl Final Glass is a protective treatment for the windshield of your vehicle. It can also be applied to windows, headlights, helmet shields…

WAXOYL Final Glass creates a smooth surface. The protective film has perfect water-repelling properties, pushing off rain, snow, hail, dust…

FINAL GLASS adds an invisible hydrophobic film, letting rainwater, snow and hail run off easily while driving and thus increasing visibility and improving safety. Insects are rinsed off easily.

The specific components of Final Glass create a sleek layer that will repel the water by pushing it off the surface of the glass rather than allowing it to sit there. The water-repellent properties of Final Glass let raindrops easily slide off the windshield while driving, thus makes it possible to drive without using your windshield wipers and helps you driving safely in rainy weather.

Final Glass can be used on all glass surfaces of your vehicle.

Good to know

Improves your driving safety in rainy weather.

Increased visibility and safer driving in both the rain and the snow.

Makes windshield cleaning easier.


Some of the important benefits of Waxoyl Final Glass.

Water-repelling properties

Rain drops slide off easily while driving.

Driving safety

Safer driving in rainy weather.

Cut down on cleaning time

Dirt, insects as well as frost and road salt are rinsed off easily.


Protects your vehicle from stains.


Offers you a 4-month warranty.

Economical product

Allows a minimum of 3 applications depending on the surface of your windshield