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WAXOYL Hardwax

Our WAXOYL Hardwax concept protects the vehicle’s underbody against road salt,
dirt and other contaminants.


Apply Hardwax to protect the underbody of cars, trucks, buses and industrial machinery.

Treatment for underbody protection

Professional corrosion protection for underbodies of cars, trucks, buses and industrial machines.

Hardwax is a powerful corrosion protection with a high concentration of corrosion inhibitors on a low bitumen base (to improve the abrasion resistance). It is designed to protect underbodies, tubes, underbody frames, etc.

This treatment provides long-term corrosion protection.

Hardwax has been specifically designed to protect underbodies against gravel, road salt, dirt and other aggressions.

For small repair jobs, Hardwax is also available as a spray. This treatment is a professional protection against corrosion even for the smallest corners and cracks.

With Hardwax, the underbody is protected over long periods against corrosion and gravel.

The use of Hardwax will maximize the underbody’s lifecycle and improve the resale value of the vehicle.

Good to know

Can be used in all climate zones.

It’s easy to use as the product bonds well on metal surfaces. It does not drip. With the HW 98 spray gun large surfaces are treated quickly.

As a preventive measure, Hardwax is applied directly on the tubes to be protected.

As a curative treatment, it is necessary to either sand, scrape, brush and blow the elements to be protected.


Some of the important benefits of Waxoyl Hardwax.

Extremely long-lasting

The specifically developed wax-based protective film guarantees a long lifecycle.

Abrasion resistant

Extremely abrasion resistant.

Smooth and flexible

Due to its particular composition the product remains smooth and flexible even at low temperatures.


HARDWAX offers maximum adhesion.


Does not drip at high temperatures and does not become brittle in very cold weather.

Fast and easy

It's fast and easy to apply with the proper application equipment.


Prolongs the life of the vehicle and therefore increases its resale value.

OEMs and Importers

Approved by a large number of OEMs and importers.


Recommended for pre-delivery inspection.