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WAXOYL Neutralizer Plus

Our WAXOYL Neutralizer Plus concept is a treatment
against corona viruses and bacteria.


Use Waxoyl Neutralizer Plus for optimal and ecological disinfection.

Disinfection product for all surfaces and in particular for vehicle interiors and air conditioning systems.

The efficiency against corona viruses, spores, bacteria and fungi is outstanding and extremely fast.

What is Waxoyl Neutralizer Plus?

The active substance of Neutralizer Plus is a powerful oxidizing agent based on hypochlorous acid/sodium hypochlorite which destroys the structure of the virus envelope. The viruses are then neutralized and lose their ability to infect. Neutralizer Plus is extremely efficient against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Neutralizer Plus is compatible with all the materials of the vehicle interior. Neutralizer Plus is absolutely non-toxic to humans compared to conventional disinfectants. Even highly concentrated, it is not toxic and can be disposed of safely in the drains.

How does Neutralizer Plus work?

Waxoyl Neutralizer Plus is the result of an electrolytic reaction: oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and chlorine dioxide. The redox potential (ORP), pH and residual chlorine content of the acidic electrolysis water (anolyte) correlate with each other and do not change as independent variables. The disinfection process is therefore achieved by a synergistic effect resulting from the oxidation of hypochlorous acid in conjunction with pH and redox potential. As a result, the membrane permeability of the organelles exceeds the stability limit and prevents energy metabolism. This leads to the synergistic elimination of microorganisms.

In summary

Neutralizer Plus destroys the protective envelopes surrounding the microorganisms. The weakened cell wall of the micro-organisms can no longer withstand the osmotic pressure inside the micro-organisms. As a result, the individual cells literally burst and are eliminated.

Good to know

Eliminates 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Easy to apply and quick to disinfect.

Ecological, 100% biodegradable and non-toxic disinfection solution.

Sanitizes all interior surfaces: textiles, leather, plastic, glass, chrome, paint, wood.

Purification of the air conditioning and ventilation system.


Some of the important benefits of Waxoyl Neutralizer Plus.

Ultimate disinfection

Eliminates 99.999% of viruses, spores, bacteria and fungi.


Eliminates spores. Limited to EN13704A standards.


Neutralizes viruses. Limited according to EN14675, EN14476 standards.


Eliminates yeasts. According to EN1650, EN1657, EN16438 standards.


Removes bacteria. According to EN1276, EN1656, EN14349.

100% biodegradable

Ecological, non-toxic product containing no additives.

Air/aerosol disinfection

The disinfectant is applied with a disinfectant spray gun. According to AFNOR NFT T 72-281 standards.

Improves the quality of the air

The air circulating in your vehicle will be sanitized with Neutralizer Plus disinfecting the air conditioning and ventilation system.

Simple and quick

Professional treatment by qualified and specifically trained personnel.