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WAXOYL Professional 120.4

Our WAXOYL Professional 120.4 concept protects against corrosion in:
cavities, hollow bodies, air gaps


Use Waxoyl Professional 120.4 to protect cavities, hollow bodies, air gaps, rebates, fasteners and screws against corrosive substances that can cause corrosive attacks from the inside to the outside, especially for hollow bodies.

Corrosion protection treatment of hollow bodies / cavities from the inside out

Waxoyl Professional 120-4 forms a durable coating to the metal surface and creates a protective film that is waterproof and withstands corrosion and rust attacks.

Waxoyl Professional 120-4 protects against corrosive substances that can cause corrosive perforation from the inside out.

A solution against rust propagation in hollow bodies, air gaps, rebates, fasteners and screws.

Waxoyl Professional 120.4 is a high-performance product that provides long-lasting protection against corrosion. The product is based on molecular wax with powerful organic corrosion inhibitors, in which the molecules are electrically charged, which allows the product to adhere to the metal walls and to stop the corrosion process.

Waxoyl Professional 120.4 is waterproof, damp-proof, resistant up to 120°C. It is the 4th generation technology offering new corrosion inhibitors. The capillary action allows Waxoyl Professional 120.4 to penetrate into all cracks and crevices that are practically impossible to reach, where primers and paint cannot provide good protection. The product does not contain silicone or fluorinated hydrocarbons and forms a colorless coating.

Waxoyl Professional 120.4 is also available in aerosol cans, perfect for small repair jobs or for insulation of electrical components against damp and oxidation.

Good to know

Perfect for long-lasting corrosion protection of hollow bodies, air gaps and sharp edges with a simple and effective method.

Why chose Waxoyl Professional 120-4? Resistant up to 120°C and 4th generation technology.

Protects hollow bodies against corrosion.


Some of the important benefits of Waxoyl Professional 120.4.

Water repellent

Water repellent with high performance corrosion inhibitors for long lasting rust protection.

Nooks and crannies

Good penetration protects even the most inaccessible areas, nooks and crannies, cracks and crevices.


This wax-based product provides long-lasting adhesion and forms a transparent, flexible and water-repellent protective film.


Does not drip and has no negative impact on other vehicle materials.

Electrical Components

Ideal for insulation of electrical components against damp and oxidation.


Extends the life of the car body and therefore increases the resale value.

OEM and Importers

Approved by a large number of OEMs and importers.


Recommended for pre-delivery inspection.