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Wax Pro B Power Protection

The B-Power Protection concept is an
ultra effective coating for your car's paint
providing a very high-gloss protective shield.

The Wax Pro B Power Protection concept

Use the Wax Pro B Power Protection ceramic coating to give your vehicle an extraordinary shine and a long-lasting protection.

High gloss ceramic coating based on modified carbon atoms

Transparent and high-gloss coating protects painted surfaces of new or used vehicles against external aggressions.

Wax Pro B Power Protection provides a glossy, transparent protective layer for all vehicles. This ceramic coating is designed to protect your car’s surfaces from environmental contaminants like UV rays, moonlight, acid rain, road salt, dirt, polluted air, etc.

Wax Pro B Power Protection provides an additional layer to your car’s paint and acts as a high-gloss protective barrier.

The B Power Protection concept is perfect for all kinds of vehicles whether they are new, used or repainted. Wax Pro Wax Pro provides a 5 year warranty* on the gloss and color of your car, if the treatment was done by a WAX PRO car dealer. (*3 years warranty for Overseas Departments and Territories) Any parts repaired or replaced after an accident must be immediately treated with B Power Protection by an authorized Wax Pro car dealer. The resulting costs may be covered by your insurance. However, bird droppings should be removed immediately with Wax Pro 3 en 1. This product removes bird droppings without scratching and repairs any damaged top layer.

Wax Pro 3 en 1 is available at your car dealer.

Good to know

Suitable for all new, used or repainted vehicles.

5 -year warranty* on your car’s deep shine and color (*3-year warranty in the Overseas Departments and Territories)

In case of accident, your insurance will cover the costs (of repairs or replacement of parts).

The resistance of the protective layer of B Power Protection is one of the highest.


Some of the important benefits of Wax Pro B Power Protection.

UV protection

The powerful UV filters preserve the color.

Protection in bad weather

Creates an extremely resistant and water-repellent coating.

Water-repelling properties

Safer driving in rainy weather.

Protection from frost and salt

Prevents oxidation resulting from road salt and sea spray.

Boosts the value of your car

Keeping your car looking its best you make sure you are improving the resale value.

Industrial maintenance

Easily reaches inaccessible areas and extends the life of the bodywork, parts, tools, etc.

Easier cleaning

Dirt, mud, insects and other aggressive particles are rinsed off easily.

High-gloss finish

Keeps a long-lasting deep shine.

Saves time and money

Saves time when cleaning the car and preserves the value of vehicles and materials.